Best Places to See Primates in Rwanda

Golden Monkeys of Rwanda

The biggest protected mountain rain forest in Africa with unbelievable concentration of wildlife, and chimpanzees being the famously known presents decade unique green environmental experience to tourist from all over the globe. Nyungwe forest and one of the twenty must see Africa destinations offers special forest adventures and primate safari tours to travelers who love nature . One should visit Nyungwe expecting to high populations of mammals and primate species including the monkeys, chimpanzees, potto and Giant flying squirrel, duikers, L’Hoest’s, bush babies, baboons etc. Several bird species will delight your day especially the Albertine rift endemics   hence being another Rwanda birding paradise for birders. Tourists to the park enjoy looking at remarkable flora and fauna plus different orchids species during different park activities, forest walks, golden monkey trek, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching and the Canopy walk.

The park has many lodging facilities of all budgets ranging from rest house, campsite to luxury.Travellers can also use Cyangugu port accommodation sited in a 30 kilometer distance from the park boundaries. One has not to worry about the park accessibility since public transport means make it easy for all travellers without private cars to visit and explore tha parks beauty. For those who wish to explore the park on foot, Nyungwe forest waits for you every day at your convenience. Another primate park in Rwanda is a place for all ape tracking trips and also the forest protects the Rwanda portion of the Virunga Mountains. Volcanoes national park is a home to the late primatologist Dian Fossey who made the world celebrate today for both Mountain Gorilla habituation and Gorilla conservation project. Through her effort, the world came to realize the memorable amazing beauty of Rwanda especially if one watched a move “Gorillas in the mist”.

The park location overlooking the volcano mountain daunting slopes striking above enable tourists to track not only the mountain Gorillas but also steer at the wonderful mountain views shining up in the skys. Part of the world’s unique last mountain Gorillas in Rwanda are celebrated worldwide and those who track them get the most life time memories to cherish generation to generation .Though mountain Gorillas are shared between three countries, Rwanda, Uganda and Congo but gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda are too exception and wonderful.

Above all the Rwanda hikes are manageable and one can track a gorilla family of his or her interest. The most sensitive, unforgettable wildlife experience on the Africa continent is done by only lucky travellers who can afford the cost of the Rwanda Gorilla permit US$1500. Golden monkeys, forest birds ,butterflies are the other park activities available for all tourists to Rwanda. However the park boundaries stretching to the boarder of Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo create ample opportunities for tourists to visit multiple destinations in the East African region. The most done tours across all the three Gorilla countries are primate safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, or joint primate adventures which normally require tracking mountain gorillas in two different countries. The connection between the three countries is too easy since all countries and attractions are located close to one another.

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