Adventure Travel

More adventurous tourists to the country will appreciate mountain biking over Rwanda’s volcanic, rough terrain in Musanze or along the western part of the country with Lake Kivu as a backdrop. Mountain climbing in the Virunga Mountains and trekking to or climbing waterfalls in Nyungwe National Park is an exhilarating activity for any tourists eager to explore new and less known corners of the country.
The fine road network with little traffic, offers wonderful opportunities for long bicycle trips across the verdant hills and valleys.

Hiking can be enjoyed on nature trails in Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park, or on the thousands of kilometres of fine rural trails linking remote villages, criss-crossing the entire country.

Relax by Rwanda’s many lakes, the largest and most impressive being Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is an extraordinarily beautiful inland lake enclosed by steep, green terraced hills along the Congolese border. Three resort towns, Gisenyi, Karongi and Rusizi stand on the littoral, connected by a wild roller-coaster road that tumbles through lush plantain fields and relic patches of misty rainforest to offer sweeping views over the blue water. It is one of the classic road journeys in all of Africa. There is also charter boat service provided by RDB Tourism and Conservation on the lake connecting the 3 towns.

Gisenyi, the most developed of these resorts lies less than an hour’s drive from Volcanoes National Park, and is set on a sandy beach lined with swaying palms and modern hotels that exude an atmosphere of tropical languor. At Karongi to its south, the stunning and guesthouses and beaches overlook pine-covered hills seemingly transplanted from the Alps. Rusizi, close to Nyungwe National Park is characterised by a stirring setting of curving inlets winding into narrow valleys.Rwanda’s dramatic mountains also provide a stunning backdrop for a weekend getaway. Breathe in the crisp mountain air while enjoying shimmering views of nearby lakes, and the call of birds in the treetops

Water sports and lake activities including fishing, kayaking, canoeing and adventurous boat rides on Lake Kivu, Lake Muhazi and Lake Ihema are great activities for the whole family. Leisurely bike rides alongside the Nyarutarama Lake in Kigali and through the city’s quiet neighbourhoods including the tree-lined streets of Kiyovu can occupy a relaxed and sunny afternoon.