Benefits of Renting a Car in Rwanda


There are several great benefits associated with hiring a rental vehicle. Renting your own private vehicle is far better than using public modes of transport. It is an excellent way to transport your family from one location to another without all the hassle of renting a car. The following article will highlight the benefits of car rental.

No Obligations

Renting a car doesn’t require the customer to purchase insurance or tax for the vehicle. The rental company usually covers everything, so you don’t have to waste any time calling businesses to inquire about quotes. If you are renting a car in Rwanda, we offer a wide variety of vehicles, which come with fully comprehensive insurance and tax at an affordable price. All you have to do is simply contact the agency for a quote and arrange to pick up your vehicle at a suitable location.


Rental car services are located all over the country, so it is easy to find a company to hire a car from, if you arrive in the Rwanda by air, there are several agencies available who can offer a car rental service. You won’t have to wait for public transport, when you hire a vehicle all you have to do is sign some documentation, pay for the service, and you are ready to go. Another option is to contact a car rental organisation and ask them whether they can deliver a car to your destination. So, if you arrive in the Rwanda at a certain place, you can provide the rental company with details of your location and your car will be there, ready to drive.

Variety of options

If you deal with a professional, reliable car hire company they’ll offer a massive selection of vehicles to rent, you can choose from a standard model which may suit budget conscious travellers, to a stylish, executive car which is perfect for any professional visiting on a business trip. It doesn’t matter what type of car you require, you’ll always find Kenya car rental that can provide a suitable option.

Based on the kind of vacation you are on, you can choose the kind of car you need for the ride. Car rental companies offer a wide choice of car groups that you can pick from. So whether it’s a 4×4 or a luxury car you fancy, you have a choice. Choosing a rental car also gives you the chance to try a car that you are considering purchasing. You get hands-on experience on driving the car, testing its comfort and the performance.

Budget friendly

There are different types of low-cost transports that are budget-friendly if you travel abroad on a tight budget for transports, but sometimes it ends up spending more on accommodations and other minor expenses since the drop-off locations are usually quite remote.

Holiday car hire is a better option because the drop-off location is more flexible, which also means that less costs will be spending on commuting from the drop-off location to your desired spots of visits for your vacation.

While there are enough options available for renting cars, if budget is your main concern, easy rent cars offers a useful Price Drop Protector which can lock in a reasonable price in case your car rental get cheaper after you book.

Restriction free

Car rental makes your trip more flexible for wherever you are visiting there is no need to think about the bus stops, train timetables or taxi stands. All you need is to rent a car and travel freely to the most inaccessible secret places where a few tourists are aware of the location.

In addition to the accessibility of different locations, it is also beneficial for visitors to rent a car for different events which could take place when public transports are not available. You can attend as many events as you want in different time slots with your car.


There is no way more convenient than renting a car while traveling abroad. Firstly, you don’t need to give a second thought about insurance issues because you don’t own the car; secondly, some cars even have updated maps for navigation so that you don’t need to concern about roaming; thirdly, you can travel like a local because it is less likely for people to perceive you as a tourist if you are not dropping off from a tourist bus.


Long distance buses are usually cheap and preferable who don’t mind having a hard-core trip squeezing with dozens of anxious visitors who want to get on the buses first, yet this is not a vacation. A vacation means that you can enjoy your trips without feeling uncomfortable.

To rent a car also implies that you have privacy alone or with your partner. There is no need for you to interact with strangers, risking to disturb your good mood or desire to avoid socializing with people if this is the goal of vacation.

It is true that not everyone can afford owning a car for commuting purposes, so obviously it is the best option for commuting while traveling abroad. Without much restriction for traveling, renting a car gives you the most convenient and cosy experience which makes use of most of your time as a traveller.

Better safety and performance

Rental cars are often in much better shape than your own car would be in. Rental cars often have less mileage on them and are frequently serviced to ensure that they you can enjoy a safe and happy drive on your vacation.

24 Hours breakdown assistance

In the event of a breakdown (which is rare, but anything can happen on holiday), you can always depend on the 24-hour breakdown car rental assistance like flat tyre assistance, towing services and emergency fuel delivery.

In conclusion, hiring a rental car gives you a lot of freedom to explore the countryside and cities throughout Rwanda. It is cost-effective, flexible and you’ll find rental agencies all over the country. You can choose to pick up the vehicle or have it delivered to your current location, they’ll also collect the car when you’re finished.

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