Things To Know Before Going on a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

It is on record that 90% of Rwanda’s visitors come specifically to enjoy a thrilling experience of mountain gorilla trekking. It is always a first priority to different safari itineraries of tourists as they plan to visit this Eat African country. Gorillas are mainly found in the saddle borders of Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and it is a home to over 450 mountain gorillas (more than half the world’s population). Currently, the country has about 10 habituated gorilla groups making it a favorite destination for gorilla trekking safaris in the world.

Looking into the eyes of an old silver-back gorilla is a lifetime experience which you will live to tell because of the confidence it will demonstrate while gazing intelligently back at you. In fact if you are not courageous enough, you may run away because a mature silver-back is scary. Be assured of a magical feel while in the wild trekking these rare primates in their natural habitats because of the adventures you are exposed to while penetrating through thick rain-forests.

Your life will never be the same after spending about an hour with a gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park. Get a chance of witnessing the true lifestyles of these endangered species and also take clear photos at a closer range. Witness a magical encounter of various wildlife creatures as you penetrate through the rain-forests of the park.

However, many tourists like this lifetime experience but lack the relevant information concerning a Rwanda gorilla safari. Below are some of the things you should take note of before   traveling to Rwanda for the amazing activity;

When is the best time to go gorilla trekking?

This is the commonest question amongst tourists because they don’t want to travel during unfavorable seasons. Though gorilla trekking is a wonderful activity in Rwanda at anytime of the year, there are specific periods when the adventure is at its peak. You are advised to go gorilla trekking during the two dry seasons of Mid-December – February and June – mid- September because during wet seasons, it becomes hard to trek as the park becomes more muddy and inaccessible. The gorillas also hide during wet seasons and it becomes hard to see them in their natural habitats.

What are the requirements for gorilla trekking?

Though it’s a magnificent tourism activity, a tourist with intentions of trekking the gorillas is not allowed to do so unless if he/she has acquired a gorilla permit. This permit acts as an authorizing document to see the primates in their natural habitats. There are 80 gorilla tracking permits available each day and it’s too competitive to obtain one during the peak seasons. Each costs US$750 per person per visit, looking quite expensive but worthy. However, you are advised to book for the permits in time because it’s so competitive to obtain them especially during a peak season.

What clothing should you carry on a gorilla trekking safari?

Since this adventurous activity involves moving through thick rain-forests, there are specific clothes you must carry for safety while in the wild. Long double-sized socks, long strong trousers, gloves, and sun glasses are some of the things you should not forget to carry. You are also advised to carry a video or photo camera for clear photographs taking with the mountain gorillas.

Health precautions before trekking

Gorilla trekking involves climbing steep slopes and moving long distances and therefore one is advised to be physically fit to avoid complications. You are advised to eat well before going for the activity since it involves high levels of energy. Sick people are not allowed to trek because gorillas contract human diseases.

What to do when with the gorillas

After a lucky trek and you have finally found a gorilla family, there is a specific code of conduct that you must exhibit. Keep more than 6 meters from the gorillas and always avoid irritating behaviors which can scare away the gorillas. For those who want to take photos with the primates, you are required to keep the flush of your cameras off. You should also apportion your time well when with a gorilla family to avoid missing out on the key adventures. Spend 80% of your time viewing and the remaining taking photos. Remember the maximum time you are allowed to spend with the gorillas is one hour, so you need to plan your time accordingly.

A lot can be written and read about gorilla trekking in Rwanda but for a live thrilling experience, you are advised to make a tour to this small country. Our company can help you out and all you need to do is to inquire with us and we shall draw an itinerary clearly stating your movements while in Rwanda plus the costs involved.

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