Going on a Self Drive Tour in Rwanda

Self Drive in Rwanda

We’ve just returned from Rwanda for an 8 day self drive trip with Car Rental Uganda.We drafted our itinerary by ourselves and put all our interests, we hired a Rav 4 4×4 with a top up. The agency answered all our questions and advised us on the roads and other tourism information.

After our initial inquiry given to them about what we wanted from our trip, it became obvious that we should entrust it all to them. We weren’t let down. Everything ran seamlessly. We were picked up at the airport and handed car keys to us, vouchers for hotels and attractions booked on our behalf, and any other necessary paperwork and even more interesting information.

On day 2, we got a way on a very good time. The itinerary was packed full of incidental interesting things to do alongside the main events and attractions, All were advised by Jeff, a tour guide from Rwanda self drive.

There one things I would recommend to any one organizing a self drive safari. To get up early and hit the road as soon as possible in the morning. Even with early starts, some evenings we were getting to the hotel at 8pm or a little later. We only scratched the surface. We could probably do another trip of similar distance right around Rwanda and see a whole new set of things and experience an entirely different Rwanda again. When we do, and it is a when, not an if, we will definitely book our trip with Rwanda Self drive .

self drive Rental cars in Rwanda are available to travelers who are above 18 years of age and hold a international or international drivers license, You must also have a credit visa card with which you can make your withdraws from many banks branches widely spread in Kigali which can issue out cash at your convenient time.

Rwanda Self drive discourages you to avoid taking short cut routes especially during rainy seasons. Avoid under estimating the distance at the expense of relying on Google maps, the distance may look small in terms of Kms to cover without considering the current state of the road conditions. Self drive Rwanda hires 4×4 vehicles which are good especially with bad roads or in rainy season. Always keep your mobile cell phone fully charged just in case of the emergencies, you can be reached its much easier if you have a local mobile network just for communication simplicity.

Rwanda Self drive offer guests who wish to travel unguided on a self-drive basis an enjoyable alternative. It is very important that such a trip is planned carefully and that the subsequent self-drive itinerary be easy in its execution. We assist with all aspects surrounding your Rwanda self-drive tour, including car rental, accommodation, reservations etc. One of our representatives will meet you at the airport and discuss the entire route of your self-drive tour with you.

Rwanda is a well-developed country with good road infrastructure. When traveling in Rwanda, shops, banks and other necessary services are readily available. Credit cards are accepted, you should, always have some cash in the local currency with you, as it might come in handy at some places. A self drive tour in Rwanda can be enjoyed in most regions and destinations of the country. Kigali city tour, Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park, Lake Kivu and for business.

In addition to self guided safaris, we are also able to assist with African self-drive holidays in neighboring countries like Uganda, Burundi and others. It is very important that clients understand the distances and conditions involved. It is also very important that you realize shops, gas stations and other necessary services are often great distances apart and that you will need to carry everything you might need with you. It is important when planning a self-drive 4×4 adventure to be experienced in handling a 4×4 vehicle and to be prepared for any possible emergency, as these routes often traverse extremely remote areas.

Self-drive tours are an increasingly popular means of traveling around Rwanda, self-drive holidays offer independence and flexible travel with the assurance that your accommodation, route and facilities have been tried and tested. As an alternative to scheduled tours, self-drive tours liberate you from rigid itineraries, allowing you to experience the natural splendor of Rwanda at your own pace.

Much of Rwanda has a decent road network and boasts diverse topography, climate, culture and wildlife. Self-drive packages are an excellent way to experience this region of Africa. Our travel consultants can advise you on routes or help you put together a suitable travel package and self-drive safari that incorporates your interests and tastes, giving you the freedom to discover the many wonders on Rwanda the land of a thousand hills at a pace that suits you. Just send an email or a phone call everything will go as expected.

Self driving in Rwanda

-The minimum driving age is 18 years in categories A and B and 20 years in categories C,D,E and F

-International driving permits is acceptable and can be used in one year, after you should apply for a Rwandan driver license.

-Drunk drivers are fined and jailed for 24 hours. The legal blood alcohol level is 0.08%

– seat belts are required for all car occupants

-Third party is required

-The speed limit in towns is 40km/h and in provinces is 60km/h

-Using phones while driving is prohibited unless phones which are equipped with hand free kit.

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