Planning a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla

A safari without an experience with the hard-to find mountain gorillas particularly to Rwanda or Uganda is viewed as boring. That is the reason as to why many travelers opt to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi or Virunga mountains of these two countries.

Mountain gorilla trekking stands out amongst the best adventure activities done on earth! This adventure is enjoyed in the Albertine Region of East Africa. Currently, it is the most done tourist activity and a Rwanda tour cannot be complete without visiting these great apes in the region. Just three nations on the planet are blessed to have the endangered mountain gorillas including Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here are some of the tips that should guide you in planning a gorilla trek;

Mountain gorillas can be met securely in every one of these nations since gorillas are habituated to human measures and they can be met securely in their common natural habitats. Since they can’t be seen somewhere else apart from the tropical rain forest of these three countries, trekking them is the best thing one can ever do on a tour full of hard-to forget moments. In any case, it’s encouraged to arrange and sort out your gorilla trekking tour  in time before your trekking dates so as  to make the best of your safari experience.

Gorilla Permits

Various travelers from different countries include gorilla trekking on their things to do in one of these nations, more than 80% of visitors to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo come particularly to track gorillas, and so because of this there is competition in securing a gorilla permit and they sold on first come first served basis. For this matter therefore, you are encouraged to book your gorilla permit at least 2 weeks before your trekking dates to avoid inconveniences.

However before making a decision on this, the primary thing you ought to put under thought is to know which nation to track/trek from either Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park) Rwanda (volcanoes national park) Democratic republic of Congo (Virunga national park) so subsequent to distinguishing this, it will give you a superior arranging and spending plan, every nation offers the best gorilla safari atmosphere, however the gorilla trekking experience may turn out to be very different. Also gorilla trekking permits cost differently in every nation for instance Uganda gorilla grants costs USD 650 in the high season and usd450 in the low season including April, May and September. In Rwanda they cost USD 750, and in DRC they are sold at USD450. The cost is per individual per trekking including park passage expense and guide fee. So relying upon your advantage you will pick where to go gorilla tracking.

When to Go Gorilla Trekking

Additionally you ought to assemble data on which nation offers the best atmosphere, the best time for gorilla trekking, numerous trekkers lean toward the dry seasons which is from June to September and after that from December, January and February. Amid the dry season, the paths to the gorilla families are accessible and the forest is not muddy and you can without much of a stretch climb the steep slopes during the search of our cousins making tracking a bit easy than during the rainy season. You should also prepare and come with tracking gears like sturdy pair of walking shoes/ boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, rainy jackets, because African weather is very difficult to predict it’s shinning in the morning and within two –three hours it can rain. Additionally carry a water proof bag to carry your extras like camera, scratch pad, coat, and drinking water.

Tour Company to Book with

Before booking with a tour and travel organization to arrange your safari, you should try out other organizations offering gorilla safaris and pick one offering the best option that fits your financial plan. After identifying a genuine tour and travel company you will go ahead and book your memorable gorilla tracking safari. You ought to book your gorilla permit not less than 2-5 months preceding your trekking dates on occasion licenses get completed too soon particularly amid the peak season, also its better you book your permit with a local tour operator.

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