Sedan Vs SUV Debate: Which One to Rent in Rwanda?

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When renting, there are so many things to look out for before your choice. Before you get overwhelmed with different model options, choosing the best is one critical thing anyone should do. This means you need to know the exact type of car you wish to hire for your road trip in Rwanda.  It is not easy nowadays to choose the best car especially between a Sedan which is also called Saloon cars and SUV. The amazing part of it is that all these car types have advantages and disadvantages which you can look at when making your choice. However, some travelers prefer SUVs to Sedans because they come in a box shape and their dominant suspension whereas others choose Sedan cars due to their sporty appearances and low fuel consumption rate.

Below are some of the differences between Sedan and SUV Cars

Fuel consumption rate

The SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) are known for their high fuel consumption rate compared to Sedans. This is attributed to its size and Sedans come in small size thus making them to be fuel efficient. When listing down your car rental options, this is one factor you need to put into consideration.


SUVs are well equipped with high riding suspension and this explains their weight bearing capacity of the heavy loads. They have strong suspension compared to Sedan cars.

Storage and seating capacity

SUV cars come in big sizes compared to Sedan vehicles. They have more seats about 6 to 7 people and they can sit comfortably. However, some people prefer Sedan vehicles for family trips as they consider them affordable family vehicles. Sedan cars usually accommodate about 4-5 people.


SUV rental cars are larger and maintenance costs are also higher than Sedan vehicles which come with softer suspension system. For smooth road trip in rough or bumpy routes, SUVs are the best choice one can make.

In summary, with the above information, we believe that you will make the best choice. For further help, simply reach our reservation team and we shall guide you appropriately so that you have a smooth road trip in Rwanda.

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