Is Self Drive Allowed in Rwanda?


Is self-drive allowed in Rwanda? Is Rwanda safe for self-drive? Self-drive safaris have become popular among most of visitors on safari in Africa, but is it allowed in Rwanda as well? Yes, self-drive tours are allowed in Rwanda- for long Rwanda has enjoyed peace and stability making it a safe and secure destination for any solo visitor or self-drive safari holidaymakers to realize their dreams while in Africa.

Self-drive tours offer a unique opportunity for tourists to discover what Rwanda- the Land of a Thousand Hills has to offer the world. It is adventure safari experience that gives tourists an ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore and experience the hidden secrets of Rwanda. This is a lifetime opportunity which you can’t get while on public transportation.

How to plan a successful self-drive tour in Rwanda or what to do?

Research adequately about Rwanda & the best places to visit

Rwanda is a compact country with only four national parks making it easier to explore while on self-drive tour. When you think of a self-drive in Rwanda, first, you must conduct research on which places are safe for self-drive safaris regardless of the country’s long prevailing peace and stability. The best places to visit in Rwanda include Volcanoes National Park for self-drive gorilla safaris, Nyungwe Forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking or canopy walk, Kigali- one of the world’s cleanest and safest cities in Africa, Akagera National Park for game viewing.

Observe all road signage

A successful self-drive tour or driver guided safaris in Rwanda can be achieved but you must observe all road signs. We recommend you drive defensively at minimum speed limit depending on the destination you will be heading to. While on self-drive, ensure that you have valid documents ready- driver’s license/permit, make sure that all your valuables are safe, avoid driving at night etc.

Security starts with you

Solo or guided safaris in any part of Rwanda requires you to be security conscious regardless of the fact that Rwanda is safe and secure. The government of Rwanda is committed to ensure that everyone in Rwanda enjoys peace and stability. Right from Kigali International Airport to your destination, visitor safety comes first.

What to do when driving in Rwanda?

Observe flow of traffic

In every country worldwide, there is system which controls the flow of traffic depending on how many routes are available and number of people. Like other countries, Rwanda has its way in which travelers must drive. Driving in Rwanda unlike other nations is you keep right. This may slightly differ from how things are conducted back home, requiring you to adjust.

Driving license, insurance

Rwanda like many countries worldwide has set minimum and maximum age for anyone interested in driving. 18 to 75 years are accepted age limits for one to drive in Rwanda. To be allowed to drive in Rwanda as a foreign visitor, you may need an International driving permit that is valid for the time you plan to be in Rwanda for a self-drive tour. On the other hand, most car hire service providers in Rwanda provide comprehensive insurance cover for the vehicle meaning you may require to purchase life insurance prior setting off for a self-drive in Rwanda.

Type of car

The kind of a car you plan to hire for your self-drive in Rwanda must be put into consideration. Find out which vehicle is perfect for a self-drive or which category do they fall as your driving license. 4×4 Rwanda has a variety of self-drive rentals perfect for you to navigate to any part of Rwanda on solo trip, they include Mini Vans, Toyota Rav4, Super Customs, Land Cruisers and more.

Other important ideas to know when driving in Rwanda

  • Any drunken driver found can be imprisoned for 24 hours.
  • Use of telephone when driving is highly prohibited by law in Rwanda.
  • Check the car if it is at right mechanical state.
  • Keep your vehicle clean.
  • In case of any trouble on the road, contact your car hire service provider as soon as possible on the lines provided.
  • Don’t drive at night- try to get to your place of interest early.
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