7 Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Car Hire in Rwanda

Rwanda Car Rental

Using a car rental for traveling in Rwanda is truly an ideal option of transportation means since it adds convenience, reliance, safety and excitement of you Rwanda expedition.

But, you are supposed to be with some items to make car rental in Rwanda a success or acquire it and they are as follows:

Identification document:

In any dealing you are going to make with another party, you are supposed to identify yourself since this world is full of scandals; no person is trusted unless someone gets to know who you are. While hiring a car in Rwanda you have to issue your national identity card or passport to the car rental agency to know where you come from, your name and what you do. This is done to make sure incase of any problem they can easily track you through your particulars.

Driving license:

A car is a machine that needs skills to operate or drive it. A car renter is supposed to have a document that proofs that he/she is eligible to drive a car and that is a valid driving permit. This should have a language that can be comprehended in Rwanda that is English or French and incase it is not in the latter languages, you will have to get a translated one from your driving authorities back home. In addition, the car renter should be above 21 years and above to acquire the rental car.

Carry a credit card or visa card.

When traveling to a foreign country like Rwanda, you should not carry too much hard cash with you. It is a safety precaution to carry electronic cards as they can be easily be used to pay car rental fees other than first going to the bank or forex bureau to exchange the money into dollars or Rwanda francs and sometimes carrying too much money in a foreign country can be risky as you can bump into thieves and take it all. Furthermore, car rental agency request for credit card as they can hold some money on it to act as security deposit to cover for any problem that may happen to the car in case you are liable but this money can be refunded to the renter if no problem does occur.

The above are the items the car renter is supposed to have while hiring a car and below are the items the car renter must check from the car rental company.

Inspect the rental car carefully:

Subsequent to driving the rental car, check the rental car its physical and mechanical condition that is the dents, broken mirrors, scratches, adequate hydraulic, the brakes and accelerator are working well. Take an extra mile and take photos of the car before you drive it. This will act as evidence to the condition you found it.


It is a must a rental car should have insurance that is both third part and collision damage waiver. This insurance protects being liable to any damages that may occur to the car or the car may cause in case of an accident.

Fuel tank:

It is always better to know how much fuel is in the car before taking off for your trip in Rwanda in that you can return the car with same fuel. This is because car rental companies place a premium fine to car renters who do not return the rental car with same amount of fuel as before.

Extra tools:

While on a self drive in Rwanda, it is commendable to get a GPS or tourist map of Rwanda that can help you to identify the routes you are supposed to take while getting to your various destinations.  For the case of a family traveling with a baby, you have to request for baby seat to make the baby comfortable while traveling in Rwanda.

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