Beach Escapes in Rwanda


For decades Lake Kivu is proving to be one of the most popular social travel destination in Rwanda with reliable restaurants, bars and water sport activities which keep travellers occupied and happy throughout both in the morning, afternoon and late evening. The lake was chosen as one the most beach grounds for leisure, anniversary and Africa honeymoon holidays. The well-built sand grounds close to the lake with relaxing umbrellas give travellers excellent cool relaxing atmosphere and the solution of stressful lives. Different travellers sit in areas with views spanning across the lake islands hence considering the beach to be the most scenic place for spending quality time with friends and family. The continuous breeze of the lake shores also offers a cooling rejuvenating air mask for the day which is as soon as one lays afoot on the beach ground. For those seeking for a place to escape and forget the hectic hassles of work and town, Lake Kivu is the rare respite for many.

Boat cruise on the lake helps one to de-stress and switch to another peaceful world allowing one to watch the beautiful sun set and sunrise which out shine the skies above the lake waters. However leisure boats can be hired privately that is if one wants to have an exceptional ride on water. Even exclusive private dinners at the lake shores are arranged upon request especially for anniversaries and honeymoon safari holidays to Rwanda. No guest limitation either coming alone or in group so long as everyone gets the true sense of a Rwanda leisurely tour. The beach sand ground wait for any one ready to relax in cool natural ambiance any time with ample space for private celebrations. However, if you want to hire a boat the sunset cruise is too outstanding and unique full of nice photo shots and cool winds .Don’t forget your swim suit because swimming is one of the lake must do activities. Do you consider more beach holidays while in Rwanda? If you haven’t think again because Lake Muhazi has another cool beach famously known as Jambo beach a traditional set beach venue with an African touch. Perfect air, moderate winds and water temperatures make the place sociable and conducive for leisure lovers. This amazing beach is sited in a 60 kilometer distance east of Kigali and it’s intersected by two main highways one to south Tanzania and one to North Uganda.

Many travellers make stops here for lunch and refreshments while others come for long leisure stays. The traditional set beach offers the best of Lake Muhazi incredible relaxing scenery and fronts the lake to many travellers worldwide who find water, islands and lakes as their best holiday places in Africa. Travellers who stay at Muhazi beach Resort feel the relaxing atmosphere even mere siting at the lodge view balcony. The beach is well equipped with bars and restaurants full of the fastest waitress services one can ever desire. Waitresses never go far away but remain sight until needed so guests get ever thing in time. Travellers to the beach take special boat rides to the surrounding islands & shore an activity which offers firsthand information about the island.The ride is too cheering since boats are driven by local guide expats who understand every corners of the lake. However, those who visit the lake on weekends enjoy Jambo beach alive by looking at expats dancing shoulder to shoulder with locals under the vast gazebo making the beach one of the hot spots for spending cool evenings under the stars. Don’t miss out the tempting beauty more than fine cuisine while on your Rwanda safari holiday.

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