10 Best Things to Do in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking

Finding something to do in Rwanda is easy! It’s only the choice that’s difficult to make. From rare attractions and museums to sports and galleries, you can choose from taking a gorilla trek in Parc Nationale des Volcans (PNV) to just lolling on a beach with your family or an adventure safari through Akagera National Park. Just go and try it!!

Rwanda features a lot of tourist attractions, from World Heritage Sites to national parks, ruined palaces and cultural sites, to hands on museums.

Rwanda is truly a country with some thing for every one to enjoy. Here are a few of the many things to do in Rwanda.

  1. Visit Rwanda’s famous primates in nyungwe national park, akagera national park, and volcanoes national park including golden monkeys, chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and baboons to name a few.
  2. Track the world renowned mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park.,
  3. Join birding safari tour to experience the diversity of Rwanda’s birdlife and visit several of Rwanda’s (IBA’s) Important Birding  Areas; Nyabalongo wetlands, Akagera National park, Nyungwe forest national park, Akanyaru wetlands, Rugezi marsh, volcanoes national park and Cyamundongo forest.
  4. Explore Nyungwe national Park’s amazing water falls or orchids and butterflies.
  5. Explore one of 52 surveyed caves in Rwanda. Formed from Cenozoic volcanic rocks.
  6. Visit Rwanda’s largest lake, Lake Kivu and its many islands and beach resort towns rubavu and Karongi.
  7. Go canoeing, kayaking and wind surfing on Lake Kivu.
  8. Go mountain climbing at volcanoes national park-don’t miss the 5th highest mountain in Africa- or mountain biking over Rwanda’s thousand hills.
  9. Enjoy a full tradition Rwandan experience including dancing, traditional crafts, archery, tradition healers, food and a taste of Rwanda’s local brew at Iby’Iwacu village in Musanze in Rwanda’s Northern Province.
  10. Enjoy fish dishes and a relaxing day at Lake Muhazi around 60km from Kigali.
  11. Tour Kigali on the Kigali city tour bus and learn all there is to know about Rwanda’s capital city.
  12. Go shopping for Rwandan crafts at one of the many local markets or cooperatives throughout the country.
  13. Travel back in time at the king’s place, Nyanza.
  14. Visit Rwanda’s genocide memorial sites; Kigali memorial site; murambi memorial site; Nyanza Kicukiro memorial site; and Ntarama Memorial site.
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