Save on Rwanda Car Rentals: Tips to Help You Save


There are a number of things you must avoid when it comes to car rental, things that can save you money in the long run and ensure you only pay for what you were quoted and not for any unexpected extras.

One of the prevalent mistakes people make when arranging car rental for their next holiday is to take out extra insurance. Insurance is expensive and reputable car rental companies will provide you with comprehensive insurance. Remember comprehensive insurance only covers vehicles and does not cover the people’s lives. Speak to your own insurance company to identify if your current policy will cover you when on vacation in foreign Countries like African continent. Even if you do have to pay extra in excess, it may be a cheaper solution in the long run.

Another common mistake is when you receive a car rental with half a tank of fuel, ensure you return it with the same amount of fuel. Many car rental companies will provide you with enough fuel to get you to your hotel or to the next petrol station, but the contract will advise you are to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel. If you don’t, the car rental company will charge you and in most instances, this charge is a premium rate as they have to send someone out with the vehicle to buy the fuel. It is far different in Africa from that of Europe where they give out vehicles with full tanks of fuel and you return full, In Africa most companies give out when it is almost empty and you will return the same. They won’t refund you when you return the vehicle with some fuel be it quarter, half or full tank.

Don’t pay for extra services. When it comes to car rental, you will be given the vehicle you have chosen with the additions included. But what about a baby seat? What about GPS? Some companies charge for these extras at a daily rate, which soon adds up. If you have a baby or child, take your car seat from home, you can put it in with your other luggage and it won’t cost you, in fact it will only save you money. The same applies with your GPS, it may be cheaper to download maps for another country than to pay the rate the car rental company charges per day for rental of one of their devices, especially if it’s a country you visit or want to visit on a regular basis.

Before you hop in your car rental and drive off to your hotel to start your vacation, ensure you do a thorough inspection and write down and photograph any existing damage. You can write down the damage on the acceptance sheet you sign when you collect the vehicle, ensuring you and the car rental company have a copy. This reduces the risk of you being charged for damage when you return the vehicle.

Don’t ever return your vehicle late. If you are driving a fair distance to return the vehicle, leave that bit earlier. Once you arrive late for your pick up then you may be charged for an additional day, even if you only returned the vehicle back an hour later than expected. Be on time and don’t take the risk.

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