Important Things to Check in Your Rented Car

Rwanda Rental Car

Whenever you are going to rent a car in Rwanda, you have to make an agreement between the car hire provider and you.  There are terms and conditions always put up when renting a car, there are not so hard on interpretation as well as on the usage of the car. Most of the terms and condition are always on a win-win situation where by they protect both the car hire provider and the client for a common goal of all benefiting out of the car hire services.

However, there are common things that are supposed to be included your car hire package and when you see one missing ask the car hire agency to include it

First thing, make sure the car is insured against damages and accidents. You never know what may happen on the road in the foreign country, however good you might be on the wheel. You always find different drivers on the road and some of them are reckless and can make you cause an accident thus ending up damaging the car of which you have to pay for the damages caused. In order to avoid that make sure you are covered with insurance which cater for the damages you may cause while driving.

Furthermore, you have to check if car breakdown is covered 24/7 while driving. Car hire agencies offer cars in good condition but you never know what might happen on the way as some roads are rough and raged in Rwanda so you may get a flat tyre or an engine can also heat up due to the hot weather in Rwanda. With road assistance for any emergency while driving in Rwanda, you are likely to be attended to very quickly as you can continue your journey with minimal inconvenience.

Check if the car hire package has unlimited mileage system. It is best not to be restricted on the distance and time one is supposed to cover while on a trip like a wildlife safari where one has to travel for long  distance to reach the distance and you never what time you can finish the trip. It is advisable to rent car in Rwanda that has no limited mileage which makes you pay no extra costs for driving for longer distance and hours.

Furthermore, check if some addition options are included in the car hire agreement like an extra driver clause. For example this may work on people traveling in a group on a self drive tour in Rwanda. There might be need to exchange the driver seat in order for the other person to relax and rest

Finally check if all expenses are included in the pricing of the car hire package. Some car hire companies have a tendency of leaving out some extra expenses in the pricing like the local taxes and you end up paying them up separately which in the end can compromise your budget.

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