Is It Safe to Hire a Car for Self Drive in Rwanda

Rwanda Rental Car

Thinking of a self-drive tour in Rwanda? Not sure if Rwanda is safe to rent a car for a self-drive tour? There is no better and safer country to rent a car for a self-drive tour in Africa than Rwanda! Yes, others may their different views about this country and its history but incredibly, it stands out as one of the safest places to rent a car as a solo traveler and embark with it on self-drive trip.

The unfortunate bit of it is that, some solo travelers disregard the pieces of advice provided by rental companies and they do things their way. But remember that you are in a new destination and this calls for keenness. There is a lot to observe or respect right from cultural norms/practices to road rules and regulations. You can only avoid violating them if you plan your self-drive tour in Rwanda with car rental Rwanda.

What to observe when hiring a car for your Rwanda self-drive tour

  • Ask for direction in case you get lost. Rwandese are rated the most hospitable people in Africa. They are caring and free to interact with. Don’t hesitate contacting them on your way in case you need to be directed to your destination.
  • Most Rwandese speak French and Kinyarwanda but English has been introduced also as the official language. While on your way, you can meet a group that speaks English in case you do not understand French or Kinyarwanda. Besides, you can rent a car and drivers to feel more comfortable on your road trip in Rwanda. We have different driver guide who also understand Chinese, Germany among other languages and at end of it all, we have everyone sorted.
  • Renting a car is a perfect alternative for travelers to navigate through Rwanda. Yes, public transport is popular but for your comfort, freedom, privacy a rental car services are the best options for all travel desires in Rwanda.
  • Protect your valuables. Yes, Rwanda is safe but like other countries, it is not 100% safer. Ensure that you have your car windows closed, your valuables not displayed before strangers.
  • Observe the traffic rules. Violating the road traffic rules may cost you a lot. Try as much as possible to be observant while on self-drive tour in your rental car in Rwanda. Do not try driving at night, do not drink and drive, get to your destination/hotel early.
  • Respect the cultures, norms, practices of Rwandese. This is important even when you get to any country for a holiday. By doing so, you will have the best of your trip. Dress decently while considering your surroundings.
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