Money and Currency

The unit of currency is the Rwandan Franc (RFr). It’s divided into 100 centimes. Note come in RFr100, RFr500, RFr1000 and Rfr5000 denominations. Coins come in RFr1, RFr5, RFr20 and RF r50

Exchanging money

It is definitely best to come with US dollars or euro cash to Rwanda, as rates for travelers cheques and other currencies are significantly lower. There are a number of banks open in Kigali, but some can be very slow at dealing with currency exchange. There are also banks in Butare, Cyangugu, Gitarama and Ruhengeri. However these are generally only branches of Bangue Comerciale De Rwanda (BCR) and banque de Kigali. Banque de Kigali is the only place that can exchange traveler’s cheques beyond Kigali. Credit cards are generally accepted only in relatively expensive hotels and restaurants in Kigali