Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Mountain gorillas being Rwanda’s prime attraction, most safaris include gorilla tracking in one way or the other. Therefore, when talking about Rwanda holidays we mean all Rwanda safaris including cultural, genocide tours, primate treks and mountain hikes. Truthfully Rwanda in Africa is a year round travel destination   for gorilla tracking though the country has also the best time of travel. Dry seasons are always best for travel in Rwanda and perfect for gorilla tracking especially from mid-May to mid-October. Many plan for a Rwanda safaris depending on their work schedule or business convenience forgetting the country weather and temperature. Despite the fair temperatures favorable for travel year round with day time average of 30°C or 86°F,travelers to Rwanda should consider a few aspects before heading out for a safari in Rwanda. Interest is one of them because it’s very rare to find travelers with same interest despite them heading out for a particular adventure in the same country. Like one can say December -March is best yet others refer to those months as the worst for travel hence confirming a saying which says “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Work schedules also matters a lot when planning for a holiday in Rwanda, always make sure that you’re off work days will be just in line with your Rwanda safari tour in order to have a relaxed adventure in a stress free atmosphere. Besides make sure this is scheduled during the countries best travel months in order to enjoy your stay. Also book all your tour essentials in time in order not to be disappointed or reschedule your tour. They include transport, accommodation, gorilla permits and entry passes to different tour activities. Others to consider are the country climate, weather and temperature which count a lot for every travel worldwide. The best recommended travel time for Rwanda holidays is year round despite some showers in some months of the year and the forests, hills become a little bit muddy but still hikes and walks are possible. Normally the Rainy season in Rwanda starts from March-Mid-May a period reffered to as low season since some travelers fear to fail making it to their adventure activities especially mountain climbers and hikers. Still some gorilla tracking tourists complain about the muddy& touch hikes ,though those for chimpanzee trackers in Nyungwe forest consider it best because fig true fruits ripen and chimps and seen easily eating fruits. Besides they move in big numbers unlike during the dry season.

But travelers whose interest is gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park and viewing Rwanda wildlife, the best recommended time of travel is mid-May – mid October a great time to enjoy your Rwanda safari in all angles .Animals sighting is very common including the golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, elephants and Buffaloes. However, as you enjoy your Rwanda trip don’t forget to carry a rainy jacket along because it may shower any time of the day and also consider in mind that prices of many travel essentials go high due to high demand from travelers across the globe. Other great months for Rwanda holidays are December –February best for mountain hikes and climbs and lodge prices go high as well. Rwanda also names juvenile gorillas every year and today Rwanda names baby gorillas in September a great month for Rwanda safaris as well. After the dry season, short rains shower show up again in November and it’s the time when tree and plants flower. This time is best for Bird watching tourists because birds are visible in all Rwanda bird watching sites. Bird lovers can also visit Rwanda early December as well as late may as the short rains clear the sky giving way to amazing scenery.