There is easy transportation in Kigali. From the airport, getting to the city center takes just few minutes drive in taxis or using shuttle services. These taxis can be used to get to the major accommodation facilities or to some tourism destination sites around like the Kigali genocide memorial, craft markets or to the various shopping centers around.

For those hoping to travel to the remote side of Rwanda it can be cheaper using a hire car from car rental agencies within Rwanda. Most car hire companies have offices in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and here are some few recommendations;

  • Dial A Car Rwanda
  • Drive Rwanda – A car rental agency offering affordable cars for self drive in Rwanda. From small sedans to sophiscated cars, we offer a good choice for travelers interested in exploring Rwanda on their own.
  • Crystal Car Hire
  • Car Rental Rwanda – Have the widest range of rental cars for hire in Rwanda.
  • Go Self Drive
  • Kigali Car Rentals – Managed by Mzungu Frank, this company offers great deals of Toyota Rav4 and Land cruisers
  • Lets Go Tours Rwanda
  • Rwanda Rent a Car –
  • Uganda Self Drive

One can also explore the city on foot going for excursions.

For short journeys it is recommended to use moto moto (motorcycles). Moto Moto service is well organized and it is recommended to use cyclists who have uniforms and numbers.

Domestic Air Travel

It is also possible to book charter flights and regional flights in Rwanda for a scenic and faster form of transport to the various national parks you are to travel to on your safari.