Safari Planning

Plan in advance

Finally, the most traditional and the most accurate way to find those cheapest companies to serve you is to plan in advance. This way you might get subsidized rates especially for booking. If you are one of those who can plan 3 to 6 months into the future, then you can get some fantastic fares. But, the key is to plan well in advance, which is always very difficult.

Travel Details

A vacation is not something that happens always. So please since it happens once in a while, one has to plan for it completely in advance. So this planning takes a lot of forms ranging from when to go, where to go, what to see when there as well as what to carry on the trip. So this planning starts with by making a reservation for your vacation with the right company and flights, if you are heading to Rwanda for example, take advantage of tour operators and travel agencies. To book a car for self-drive in Rwanda, then try car hire agencies listed on the website. However, check the list of the essential things to pack with you below in order to have a stress free holiday.

Try to blend in as much as possible

Tourists are easy targets for opportunist criminals as they will be more vulnerable than local people, usually, and tend to carry most of their important and valuable belongings with them at all times. Therefore, it’s advisable to not stick out like a tourist would – don’t carry your camera around your neck all the time even in the city Centre. Please keep that for the forest during your expedition. It is also not advisable to consult a map in public which shows every one that you are really a tourist thus becoming prone to theft and be wary about who you ask for advice or help.

If you’re travelling with someone or in a group, it’s important that you all have similar ideas when it comes to staying safe and it is not good for one of you to isolate him/her self. Even though you’re concerned that they’re putting you in danger or at risk, it is better to be in each other’s company in order to be safe.