Gorilla Conservation

The most surprising thing resulting from Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is the return of Rwanda mountain gorillas and Rwanda gorilla tourism that turn dreams of several Africa holidays into fantastic memories of generations. Thanks to her remarkable work to the lives and health of the beautiful primates that live in volcanoes national park. The year 1967 was a time of great change in Rwanda when the gorilla hero (Dian Fossey) relocated permanently to volcanoes national park to save the gorillas.

According to the gorilla census results that was conducted a few years later, volcanoes national park had only 240 mountain gorillas left due to high poaching and hunting activities that used to claim the apes lives each day that pass by. It has been a while since Dian Fossey was called but her conservation effort work never ceased that Rwanda brought the celebration in the open through the newborn gorilla naming ceremony that the country started around 11 years ago. The success has carried on to present but gorilla researchers say that by the time Rwanda celebrated the first naming ceremony, over 161 gorillas had been born.

According to the head of Rwanda Development Board, the Rwanda gorilla park management body said that Rwanda mountain gorilla numbers have increased since the country started celebrating the birth of new born gorillas through the Kwita Izina every year. Today more than ten gorilla families are available for gorilla tracking tourists each day and booking Rwanda gorilla permits is as easy as talking a simple walk to the forest though missing out the trek due to limited gorilla permit availability is also as easy as attending the party and you miss the cake.

Tourists on <a href=”http://www.walmarksafarisrwanda.com”>Rwanda gorilla safaris</a> book their permits quite early in order not to miss out the trek due to steep gorilla permit demand as per the saying that early birds eat like kings. However, the low numbers of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in the past years due to poachers and illegal trade activities is still felt today though the most surprising story is the rapid increase in the mountain gorilla numbers in volcanoes national park every year. In particular the unique wildlife experience that gorilla visitors carry home every day is indeed a great thing worth celebrating.

Worldwide, mountain gorillas are known as decade treasures that live only in Africa and nowhere else in this world except in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. No matter how many wildlife adventures you have encountered in life, the fact remains that gorilla tracking tours are more rewarding and second to none. The conservation and monitoring process of these primates is fundamental and one of the dreariest indicators of natural environmental conservation on primate health, community and environment. Make no mistake to visit all other exciting Africa adventure and leave out gorilla trekking because you will miss a lifetime experience that was once close to you on your Africa holiday vacation. All advanced interesting gorilla treks are done in Rwanda and only in volcanoes national park.