Kwita Izina

Gorilla tracking is the main reason as to why tourists visit Rwanda and is one of the main sources of revenue to the Country. It is for this reason as to why the country put a lot of effort in conservation of the treasure it holds-the mountain gorillas. This is why every gorilla birth in Rwanda calls for an International Celebration.

Just like any culture, babies are blessing a source of joy to the family. Rwanda is the only country (where the critically endangered mountain gorillas are found) that openly celebrates the birth of bay gorillas. The Kwita Izina (baby naming ceremony) is an annual event where gorillas are named as a way of raising awareness on the conservation of these critically endangered primates and empowering the local community members living around Volcanoes National Park. This will make the locals realize how important these animals are to the country’s tourism industry and economic development. The culture of child naming is derived from Rwandan culture and tradition of naming children and welcoming them in their family.

The Kwita Izina Ceremony was introduced in 2005, but ever since it was created, it has generated positive benefits hence the country’s tourism industry has moved a great milestone. It is not 12 years from the time the concept was introduced but the event keeps getting better and growing bigger every year. Has anyone ever wondered why gorilla permits are highest In Rwanda yet it still receives the highest number of tourists? One of the reasons is proper marketing and packaging of the tourism products. This event is not just a one day activity but a series of activities that last up to one week then the climax of the event is the actual ceremony (public naming of the baby gorillas). The first question that comes in someone’s mind is that “are the gorillas brought out from the forest are brought to be named? NO.

The people who name these gorillas are chosen by the Rwandan Development Board and they always include renowned conservationists, award winning students, artists and documentary journalists among others and the gorillas are named according to the circumstances under which they were born for example one that was born on Referendum day was named “Referendum” and each year, the event is attended by thousands of local, regional and International tourists including Government dignitaries.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is the main reason why tourists visit the “Land of a thousand hills. Tourism in this country gets better and better every day because of the innovative activities and events that market the mountain gorillas beyond the borders of the country but globally.