Weather and Climate

Since Rwanda is on high elevation, it has an attractive tropical highland climate, with its temperature that ranges from   13°C (24°F). Note that temperatures may vary drastically from area to area because of the variation in altitude.

The average daytime average temperature is close to 24°C with a possible maximum of 300 C apart from the highlands where it’s noticed to be very cold. Rwanda has four noticeable seasons: the long rain from mid March to mid May, Short rains from mid-October to November, short dry season from December to mid-March, and long dry period from mid-May to mid-October.

The northeastern part of Rwanda receives more rain compared to any other parts of the country because in the north volcanoes are covered by rain forest. The summit of Karisimbi (4507), the highest of these volcanoes is often covered with sleet or snow.

The dry season is magnificent if you want to come across a variety of games in Akagera National Park because dryness will draw the animals to the watering holes to get water for drinking. Traveling during the rainy season is also adventurous, the landscape is green and amazing and the flora verdant can be ideal for taking pictures of both nature and the gorillas. Therefore there is no specific time to visit Rwanda since each season has its own timing.