About Discover Kigali

Rwanda’s first youth hostel, The Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel, located near the centre of Kigali in Kimihurura, is the perfect place for you to start exploring the heart of Africa. Our hostel boasts great value accommodations, a fun atmosphere, excellent customer service, and a wealth of information about what to see and do while staying in Africa.

With a relaxing environment, evident throughout: from the bar terrace, private rooms, and dormitories, to the camping areas, hot showers and catering, you are guaranteed to find just what you are looking for during your hostel stay. Enjoy the convenience of a thoughtfully-prepared breakfast on the open-air balcony overlooking the hills of Rwanda as you start your day. The hostel staff is ready to help with any of your needs or to answer any questions you may have during your stay.

About Kimihurura

Kimihurura is home to government ministries, hotels, banks, nearby hospital, restaurants, bars, night clubs and much, more. Kimihurura is a quiet and secure area, well-connected to the rest of Kigali, making it an ideal place to base yourself during your stay in Kigali. The hostel has great views of Kigali City Centre which is only a short distance away, and can be enjoyed from our garden and balcony areas.

Discover Rwanda Hostel is a short ride away from the centre of town via different forms of public transport. Public transport to anywhere in the city is easily resourced from early in the day until late at night and is very affordable. Information about transportation in Kigali and around the country can be provided by our helpful staff at the hostel.

Exploring Rwanda ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ – truly begins at the Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel.